Dec 12

New TB testing rules

From Jan 2015 an “enhanced” zero tolerance policy will be implemented by Defra.

Anybody who fails to complete the TB test within the prescribed deadline will suffer deductions to their farm subsidy payments.

The reduction in CAP payments will be on a sliding scale from 1% upwards depending on how many days the TB test is completed after the testing window has closed and other factors, such as repeat instances

A new ruling from DEFRA is now in force. For routine herd tests, all animals intended for breeding must now be tested down to 6 weeks of age. We’re still on 4-yearly testing. It’s going to mean that your TB test may well take up more of your valuable time, but we’ll do our best to remain cheerful and ensure the TB test goes as smoothly as possible! Ensuring there are suitable handling facilities for youngstock and plenty of staff would be greatly appreciated and will help us to get the test done with the minimum of stress for you and your cattle.


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