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Apr 08

Lambing time records

Keeping some simple figures at lambing time can really help us to make improvements within your flock. Even if the most basic tally chart was kept at lambing time it would give us something to work on. Basic information to keep: Number of lambs born dead, number of lambs died after born alive, number of …

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Feb 17

Barren Ewe Check

Are you experiencing a high number of geld sheep at scanning? If so please phone us as there is some blood testing we can do to check for toxoplasma and enzootic abortion? The lab fees are free for a few months so the only costs will be the visit and time to blood sample 6-8 …

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Courses for Farmers

Based on farms in Cumbria, our cattle AI course and cattle hoof trimming course are both aimed at farmers who want practical skills to put to use on their farm. We run other courses on demand – for example cattle nutrition, lambing courses and calf health are all popular one-day courses. Please contact us for …

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