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Apr 08

Lambing time records

Keeping some simple figures at lambing time can really help us to make improvements within your flock. Even if the most basic tally chart was kept at lambing time it would give us something to work on. Basic information to keep: Number of lambs born dead, number of lambs died after born alive, number of …

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Feb 17

Vitamin D deficiency – Fact and fiction in sheep

Back in 2007 there were diagnosed rickets in a range of hill hoggs (swales, cheviots and herdwicks) investigated by the VLA in 7 flocks in Northern England. Most were returning from wintering on dairy farms. They showed signs of: ‘Tip-toeing’ Stiffness Prolonged recumbency Two bowed legs They were confirmed by bloods and post-mortem, most suspected …

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Feb 17

Barren Ewe Check

Are you experiencing a high number of geld sheep at scanning? If so please phone us as there is some blood testing we can do to check for toxoplasma and enzootic abortion? The lab fees are free for a few months so the only costs will be the visit and time to blood sample 6-8 …

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Feb 17


As far as we are aware we will be allocated the same number of bottles of scabivax as last year. They will roll into us on the months they were ordered last year. We are trying our best to get extra doses in so please contact us in advance so we can add more to …

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Dec 19

Sudden Death in Sheep

This month we’ve seen a lot of sudden deaths in fattening lambs. Post mortem examinations of these sheep are essential! We have had cases of acute fluke already but we are also seeing a large number with systemic pasteurella infection.   Pasteurella can either cause pneumonia or sudden death. Sudden deaths caused by pasteurella are …

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Our experienced team of Large Animal Vets at Tethera can offer: 24 hour direct line to a vet 5 experienced and dedicated large animal vets Routine fertility work with the latest ultrasound scanners Farm management software including TotalVet and VetImpress Herd Health plans and consultancy for both Beef and Dairy Flock Health plans and consultancy Parasite …

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