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Apr 08

Heifer Pelvic Measurements

Our new pelvic meter has arrived! It is designed to measure the width of heifers pelvis’s to help indicate what size calf the heifer would be able to calve. This indication can then help decide on whether to breed from or fatten the heifer. If you would like to trial this service please contact us …

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Apr 08

Top tips for controlling Digital Dermatitis in cattle

Digital Dermatitis is a serious problem on many dairy herds, and an increasing number of beef herds. If a high proportion of the herd is affected it can have a severe impact on yields and fertility. It’s not easy, but it is definitely possible to keep it under control. First – if you don’t have …

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Jan 14

Calf Jackets

In cold weather calves burn energy to keep warm. Consider feeding more in cold weather (up to 170g/l) and/or use calf jackets. Disease prevention: To prevent scour and pneumonia, go through this check list: Colostrum: 3 litres within 6 hours. We now have 3 litre calf stomach tube bags available. Freeze colostrum in flat bags …

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Dec 12

New TB testing rules

From Jan 2015 an “enhanced” zero tolerance policy will be implemented by Defra. Anybody who fails to complete the TB test within the prescribed deadline will suffer deductions to their farm subsidy payments. The reduction in CAP payments will be on a sliding scale from 1% upwards depending on how many days the TB test …

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Cattle DIY AI Course

This is a 4 day course, working 10am till 3pm. Cost £445 +VAT, including lunch and a £75 Semex voucher The course covers: AI technique – starting on a “dummy cow”, then plenty of practice on live cows Storing and thawing semen straws Practical ways to improve fertility on farm By the end of the …

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