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Apr 08

Itchy Cattle

Symptoms of itchiness and hair loss in housed cattle at this time of the year may be a sign of lice infection. However other causes such as cattle scab and other types of mites should also be considered. Lice may be seen on the skin if you look carefully however to confirm, bring us a …

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Apr 08

Heifer Pelvic Measurements

Our new pelvic meter has arrived! It is designed to measure the width of heifers pelvis’s to help indicate what size calf the heifer would be able to calve. This indication can then help decide on whether to breed from or fatten the heifer. If you would like to trial this service please contact us …

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Apr 08

Top tips for controlling Digital Dermatitis in cattle

Digital Dermatitis is a serious problem on many dairy herds, and an increasing number of beef herds. If a high proportion of the herd is affected it can have a severe impact on yields and fertility. It’s not easy, but it is definitely possible to keep it under control. First – if you don’t have …

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Feb 17

Beef Discussion Group

Another great turnout at the Royal Oak last week for our Beef Discussion Group, following a hot supper and a few pints Dan Griffiths gave us a really interesting talk on fertility and how a compact calving period can increase farm profits significantly (notes to follow…). Andrew followed up with a talk on Trace Element …

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Dec 19

Difficult Calvings – Long term impact

Whilst we all know that calving difficulties (dystocia) result in a greater risk of: Catastrophic bleeding after calving Mastitis Downer cow Held membranes, Uterus infections, and the knock on effects of poor appetite, the % of cows requiring assistance sits at about 6-8% nationally, but obviously this will vary tremendously when taking into account different …

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Dec 16

Fluke in the Beef Industry

What is fluke? Fluke is a liver parasite found in cattle, sheep, goats, horse, deer and man. Adult fluke lay eggs which pass onto pasture (hundreds per day), eggs hatch in spring when the mean temperature is over 10C and release miracidia which penetrate a mud snail. They develop in the snail and emerge as …

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Dec 12

New TB testing rules

From Jan 2015 an “enhanced” zero tolerance policy will be implemented by Defra. Anybody who fails to complete the TB test within the prescribed deadline will suffer deductions to their farm subsidy payments. The reduction in CAP payments will be on a sliding scale from 1% upwards depending on how many days the TB test …

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Cattle DIY AI Course

This is a 4 day course, working 10am till 3pm. Cost £445 +VAT, including lunch and a £75 Semex voucher The course covers: AI technique – starting on a “dummy cow”, then plenty of practice on live cows Storing and thawing semen straws Practical ways to improve fertility on farm By the end of the …

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Advanced Foot Trimming refresher

If you’ve had plenty of experience but it’s been a while since you had any training, this is the course for you. This one day practical course is tailored to the participants. We’ll ensure you’re fully up to date with latest techniques, treating and preventing lame cows as effectively as possible.

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Cattle Foot Trimming course

This course lasts two days, with one evening. It is a practical course, based near Appleby The course covers: Routine hoof trimming using the 5-step Dutch method Sharpening knives Applying blocks Practical ways to reduce lameness on farm No previous experience is needed, though this foot trimming course is just as useful for farmers who’ve …

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