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Apr 08

Heifer Pelvic Measurements

Our new pelvic meter has arrived! It is designed to measure the width of heifers pelvis’s to help indicate what size calf the heifer would be able to calve. This indication can then help decide on whether to breed from or fatten the heifer. If you would like to trial this service please contact us …

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Jan 14

Calf Jackets

In cold weather calves burn energy to keep warm. Consider feeding more in cold weather (up to 170g/l) and/or use calf jackets. Disease prevention: To prevent scour and pneumonia, go through this check list: Colostrum: 3 litres within 6 hours. We now have 3 litre calf stomach tube bags available. Freeze colostrum in flat bags …

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Jan 14

Lamb and Calf Colostrum

We now stock a new powder colostrum which is called immucol colostrum: Immucol Platinum Calf Colostrum is a complete replacer for maternal colostrum and contains exceptionally high level of globular protein. Immucol Lamb Colostrum is high in fat and protein content. All colostrum is certified EBL/IBR and Johne’s disease free.

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Dec 19

Difficult Calvings – Long term impact

Whilst we all know that calving difficulties (dystocia) result in a greater risk of: Catastrophic bleeding after calving Mastitis Downer cow Held membranes, Uterus infections, and the knock on effects of poor appetite, the % of cows requiring assistance sits at about 6-8% nationally, but obviously this will vary tremendously when taking into account different …

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Courses for Farmers

Based on farms in Cumbria, our cattle AI course and cattle hoof trimming course are both aimed at farmers who want practical skills to put to use on their farm. We run other courses on demand – for example cattle nutrition, lambing courses and calf health are all popular one-day courses. Please contact us for …

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