Jan 14

Calf Jackets

In cold weather calves burn energy to keep warm. Consider feeding more in cold weather (up to 170g/l) and/or use calf jackets. Calf jacket

Disease prevention:

To prevent scour and pneumonia, go through this check list:

  • Colostrum: 3 litres within 6 hours. We now have 3 litre calf stomach tube bags available. Freeze colostrum in flat bags to defrost quickly. Defrost in warm water at 50 degrees celcius. test quality using a colostrometer – we have some you can borrow. We can blood test calves less than 5 days old to check if they’ve absorbed enough antibodies.
  • Bedding: Any wet areas in calf pens? If so, look at improving drainage or use more straw.
  • Ventilation: Is the stack effect working? Fresh air needs to enter the shed above calf level, rise up, and exit at the top. We can let off smoke bombs to check. Are young calves sharing air space with older cattle?
  • Vaccination: If you’ve done what you can with the above and are still getting problems, vaccination may help, depending on what bugs are involved.


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